We, as women, are amazing creatures. We have the power to create life within our bodies. A cocoon of protection, nourishment, and growth encompassed in our womb.
And pregnancy, as you may know, is a time of raging hormones! I mean, if we’re honest with ourselves, are we not just a little on the bipolar side while pregnant? Elated one minute, crying the next, and suddenly about to blow our lid all within a 15 minute time span?
If you’re already prone to journal keeping, then you know it is a great way to let out some of those emotions in a constructive manner. If you aren’t, try it for a week. Either way, I have compiled a list of reasons why you should! Here are my TOP 5 Reasons to Keep A Pregnancy Journal!

1. Emotional Release

As mentioned above, we are a heaping ball of whacked out emotions. When you feel overwhelmed, write it down. When you feel overjoyed, write it down. When you have a crazy pregnancy dream that you want to remember, write it down. When you feel like you can’t wait to see your baby and all you can do is imagine his/her beautiful face – Write. It. Down.
This will not only give you a way to cope with these feelings by getting them out – it will help you to reread them in a different light. Was it REALLY worth yelling at my husband over the glass he left on the table? Or was it maybe hormonal rage? (Note: always blame the hormones, but at least you’ll know the difference. On the inside. That’s what matters.)

2. Anxieties

Especially with your first child, you’re anxious about literally everything. Every. Single. Thing. I remember when I was pregnant with my son and the realization hit me that my life was no longer my own. Of course, I still have a life, and after some work with balance, even an identity outside of just a mom, well kind of. But the thought that every decision I make will affect my child(ren), set off a metaphorical snowball effect in my mind. It was mind boggling and suffocating as a new mother.
The good news here – just like an emotional release, when you write it down you can see that snowflake evolve into a man swallowing snowball. You can ground yourself from the anxiousness. And if you see a pattern in your anxieties, you can arm yourself with knowledge! If you worry about food/formula because your aunt shared that post about arsenic in the cereal, or your friend had a diaper rash horror story so you’re torn on brand or whether to just go with cloth – you can do REAL research once you’ve identified a pattern/problem, not Google on impulse and end up 3 hours deep on the dark side of Youtube. *shudders*

3. Baby Vision

When all you can think about is that sweet, precious, lovey ball of cuddles growing inside you, make notes! Make predictions. Guess if he/she will be more outspoken like you, or introverted like dad. Detail your baby vision out – things you want to do with baby, places you want to go. My favorite, lessons you want to teach them. I wrote a note to my son when I was in my last trimester. I remember crying my eyes out and I’m pretty sure the paper is wilted, but I wanted him to know that I loved him SO much, before I ever even knew him. Before I ever saw a smile, or got hugs and sugars, or had to scold him for acting just like me. Which brings us to our next point…

4. The Memories

This is a double shot – for you AND your baby. The memories will flood you from a time forgotten when you pull out those random notes and reminisce on simpler times. When your belly was cramped against the kitchen table as you hunkered over, writing love notes to your future self, and your future baby’s self. For the moments you are so overcome with joy you must write it down, so you can reflect on it later, just to feel those emotions again. For the nostalgia of times passed. And for your baby, for when he/she gets older, maybe they’re on the way to having babies of their own – you can share your experience with them, because you took the time to record it.
I don’t think I have to convince you with this section, but I’m not sure I could if I wanted to. If you don’t get excited about creating memories….well, then we need to reevaluate a few things.

5. The Baby Book

This is a slight piggy back from the last. But if you’re into keeping journals, or have tried doing a bullet journal, this is a GREAT starting point. Take note of your first official doctors appointment, ultrasounds, heart rate, symptoms and cravings. It is really the precursor to the most comprehensive baby book ever – and the most personalized! Doesn’t everybody love baby books? But we don’t all love how cookie cutter they can be: with cliche themes, tacky stickers, prompts and lines that don’t apply to us, and who REALLY knows how much a stamp was that year? And unless you come from a long line of stamp collectors, who cares? (But if you are in the stamp collecting family, kudos to you! How much were they in 2016/2017?)

So there you have it! My Top 5 reasons for keeping a pregnancy journal! It’s so helpful to your overall mental health and it’s a wonderful way to capture those little moments of pregnancy that are otherwise forgotten. And it is literally so easy – all you really need to start is a piece of paper. A notebook, a note app on your tablet/phone, any writing device you deem appropriate can get you started.

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Leave me a comment below about why you did or didn’t do a pregnancy journal or just you’re favorite pregnancy memories!

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