Meet the Author

Samantha is your typical, crazy woman, trying to figure out this whole life thing. With two kids, two cats, two dogs, two pregnant goats and a husband, she feels outnumbered most days. She’s the woman behind the scenes and the glue holding those hand-me-down chairs together.

She dreams of becoming an author and is currently working hard on a mystery novel she hopes would make James Patterson proud. Most of what you’ll find here is just her way of creating and practicing her writing skills. And a little bit of therapy.

After being born in Eastern Kentucky, half of her life was spent in the big city of Indianapolis, Indiana. After leaving the hills as a child, she vowed to herself to return to that sweet country life and that is precisely what she did upon reaching adulthood. Her diverse upbringing sparked a wide range of passions, a lifetime of experiences, and desire to help others in any way she can. Also, she’s a little dorky and loves “dad jokes”.

She’s now juggling toddlers that are barely a year apart and the responsibilities of being a stay at home mom. Though that keeps her plenty busy, she still makes time for her passions.

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